Training Courses

Training Courses available

Most of our courses are 1/2 day courses for 3 hours.  We are happy to delivery daytime/evening or weekend.  We are happy to take up to 18 learners per course.

Course fees start from £13.50 per person depending on the booking.  Travel is charged at .49p per mile.

If you are interested in any of the training courses below please contact us and we will send you further details or download our training directory that has more details. Inclusion Training Directory 2017

  • Training 1Supporting Undiagnosed children
  • Supporting children on the autism spectrum (*various specialist autism related workshops also available)
  • Dyslexia is not just about words
  • Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder
  • ADHD is not all about behaviour (providing practical support)
  • Dyspraxia is not just about being clumsy!
  • Supporting children to deal with difficult social situations
  • Children & young people’s development and how it differs
  • Hearing the child’s voice
  • Three Rivers Summer TrainingSupporting Transition and Change
  • How inclusive is your setting
  • Everyone can join in
  • Taking a person centred approach

Behaviour Matters

Courses to support your understanding and practice of behaviour both from your own and the child’s perspective. Workshops include:

  • Practical Ideas to support positive behaviour for Early Years (under 8s)horse 1
  • Encouraging Positive Behaviour 5-12 yrs
  • Managing Challenging Behaviour including de-escalation techniques for older children and young people 12+
  • Making sure communication is effective
  • Supporting children & young people’s Mental Health *note most popular course
  • Using practical resources to support positive behaviour

Sensory Integration Matters

Learn about Sensory Integration and Processing Disorders or have fun with practical workshops making sensory activities from scrap. Workshops include:

  • Understanding sensory processing and integration disorderstunnel 2
  • Creating Sensory Play at Little or No Cost
  • Making interactive, inexpensive sensory story sacks
  • Creating Sensory Calming Activities
  • Creating outdoor sensory play environments* new
  • Creating sensory musical instruments from scrap

Creativity and Play Matters

A wide range of creative practical courses to update your skills, knowledge and provide lots of new ideas. All training will ask you to consider how you could adapt activities to ensure they are inclusive. This set of workshops includes a series called ‘Miss, Miss, How do I do this?

  • The Play Doctors FeltmakingIntroduction to play work
  • Storytelling and expanding stories with creative play
  • Creating impressive displays
  • Costume and Mask making from scrap
  • Play at Playtime – it does not just need to be crowd control
  • Planning themed activity days
  • Strings attached – having fun with string
  • Making Moving Toys
  • Working with Magnets
  • Don’t throw away your old tights
  • Using air drying clay
  • Interesting ideas for using loose parts in play
  • Creating Sensory Dens and Den construction techniques
  • Messy with Modroc
  • Making board games with children
  • Marbling Magic
  • Felting is fun

Essential Training Matters

There are things that we all need to know. These workshops are highly practical, offer
insights and thoughts and help learners to think out of the box in relation to their work with children and young people

  • IMG_9220What are the benefits – What are the Risks?  Writing effective risk assessments
  • Assessing the risk of play – do we always have to say no?
  • Team Building (various options available please ask – includes planning days, writing strategies, having fun outside, solving problems)
  • Working effectively with parents (includes dealing with difficult situations)
  • Working effectively with staff and colleagues
  • Time management
  • Supervising effectively
  • Knowing when to say NO


I have received some fantastic feedback via email this morning from 2 delegates from last night : “Just quickly wanted to say how much I enjoyed the training tonight! Wendy is really fab and I really enjoy her sessions, she’s really engaging and encouraging.” “I just want to say how absolutely amazing and inspiring the training was last night! I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to tonight’s one.”

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