Books by Wendy Usher

Hey children on the autism spectrum play too

Wendy Usher is the author of several books.  These are available through .   Please feel free to use the discount code ITA10 to receive a 10% discount on the price of any book.

All books written by Wendy are based on real life experiences.  They are not just theory but identify what works well and why, what has not worked well and why.  There are lots of ideas for strategies to support children and young people.

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Its not all about talking 

Creating Sensory Play

Lets make more smiles


Hey children on the autism spectrum play too

There are more books written by Wendy on The Play Doctors Website. Please take a look.  Wendy has also designed all The Play Doctors resources including resources to support behaviour; communication; anxiety and worry; social interaction and much more.

DON’T FORGET THE DISCOUNT CODE ITA10 to get your 10% discount.
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