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As the name suggests, we believe in the importance of inclusion at all times and offer training to adults who work or live with children and young people.  We are especially committed to those children who may require a little more support.

With over 30 years of experience we deliver CPD training in your own school or setting. We adapt workshops to respond to the learners needs and are happy to write bespoke material.

We work with each setting to ensure the training is appropriate and use lots of different training techniques including games and activities to make the training interactive and interesting.

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Training can be delivered in your own venue and a time and date of your choice.  We are happy to deliver to small and large groups. Download our full training directory, or take a look at our training course page to see the titles we offer.  There are over 50 courses available.

Inclusion Training Directory 2019

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Creating Sensory PlayWendy Usher, Senior Trainer, is also the Author of practical resource books published by The Play Doctors Ltd and has designed many practical resources to support young people with social communication difficulties.

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Wendy speaking Nursery World

Wendy was recently a speaker at the Nursery World Show (2019) speaking to over 400 people about supporting undiagnosed children and young people and on supporting autism in the early years.  Please call us to chat about your speaker requirements.

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Wendy was filmed by a company called Famly at the Nursery World Show.  This is a comprehensive 20 minute video on the importance of inclusion in enabling children to reach their full potential.  Take a look at the link below.

The importance of inclusion in enabling children to reach their full potential video.

interview Famly

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  • Inclusion Matters
  • Behaviour Matters
  • Sensory Integration Matters
  • Creativity and Play Matters
  • Essential Training for Staff Matters

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Inclusion Training for All has been founded by Wendy & Martin Usher